Russelectric Aftermarket Capabilities and Options

State of the art electrical systems purchased and installed in the ‘90s may seemingly continue to get the job done. However, as time goes on, the risk of downtime caused by system failure increases and aging parts may no longer be available as they are phased-out. Then, there’s the problem of “lost knowledge,” which occurs when a younger generation of service personnel loses the know-how to support the older generation of products.
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Eaton® PredictPulse™

Predictive Monitoring to Maintain Uptime

Most IT professionals believe they’ve implemented the best practices and software to monitor their company’s critical data center infrastructure, but they could be doing better.
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Get to Know the Power of Eaton® ePDUs®

Eaton has become synonymous with three letters: U – P – S – and rightfully so. However, while Eaton® has your company’s back for critical power backup, they’re also plugged-in to provide critical power distribution solutions. Eaton’s ePDU® G3 rack mounted power distribution units (PDUs) are engineered, designed and built with the same best-in-class expertise as Eaton UPS systems.
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Starline Representative News

First introduced in 1987, Starline Track Busway is now the industry-leading electrical power distribution system for the data center/mission critical, retail, industrial, and higher education markets – or for any facility where flexible power is needed.

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