Get to Know the Power of Eaton® ePDUs®

Eaton has become synonymous with three letters: U – P – S – and rightfully so. However, while Eaton® has your company’s back for critical power backup, they’re also plugged-in to provide critical power distribution solutions. Eaton’s ePDU® G3 rack mounted power distribution units (PDUs) are engineered, designed and built with the same best-in-class expertise as Eaton UPS systems.

Today’s environment of pre-configured IT hardware and software in a single chassis is complicated enough – and more so when considering power density in a small space. Eaton has simplified power distribution, while empowering IT professionals to conserve time and reduce operational costs. Eaton’s ePDUs are smart, with power management capabilities offering greater control over IT environments. The ePDU G3 portfolio has a range of applications to meet the needs of small/medium businesses, from 1.44kW, 120VAC single phase for lower power ratings – to 17kW, 208VAC three phase for colocation data centers and high density applications.


Basic – Reliable, cost-effective power distribution solution
Metered Input – Remote monitoring capabilities provide access to power data whenever and wherever.
Metered Outlet – Outlet-level monitoring without control of individual outlets.
Managed – Remote management, outlet-level control and monitoring: Eaton’s most advanced rack PDU.

“As rack loads continue to increase, careful planning is critical when deploying large ePDU solutions. Each solution has its unique space requirement, serviceability requirement for server loads, and cannot restrict critical cooling air flow.”

– Kurt Richard, RAMTEK


Flexible installation options ease the box-to-rack experience and allow for a quick and simple setup. 0U, 1U and 2U form factor options for existing Metered Input and Managed G3 technologies give operators greater freedom in choosing the right PDU for their environment.


Operators gain greater insight to power usage. Power is metered at the outlet level and with monitoring software.


Up to eight ePDU G3 models can be daisy chained to share one network port and IP address, reducing network infrastructure costs by 87.5%.


Bumps and vibrations can cause plugs to dislodge from sockets. Eaton ePDU G3 models feature a patent-pending (IEC) outlet grip to avoid this common problem.

Eaton’s ePDUs integrate seamlessly with Eaton’s product line – and with others. Speak with a RAMTEK engineer about ePDU options for electrical design engineers, electrical contractors and data center end users.

Download the brochure to view the vast array of ePDU G3 product line features as well as qualitative and quantitative benefits.


Electrical design engineers, electrical contractors and data center end users, contact your RAMTEK application engineer for assistance. 

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