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CellSPY Wireless Battery Monitor is our main product. It provides measures for all important battery metrics:

  1. Individual battery voltage
  2. Internal battery temperature
  3. Battery Ohmic value
  4. Individual battery AC Ripple voltage

By monitoring individual battery voltage the WBMS can detect overcharged and undercharged batteries. During the charge and trickle charge state, battery voltage monitoring informs the user that the battery is being supplied with the correct charge voltage. During the discharge monitor registers the drop in voltage and reports it to the server.

Internal battery temperature is measured on the negative battery post and it represents the temperature inside the battery. Excessive heat can point to a loose inter-cell connection or a bad battery or bad ventilation and cooling or (in combination with other factors) an early stage of thermal runaway.

Battery Ohmic value shows the ability of the battery to provide the current while keeping the voltage leveled. As battery ages its resistance or Ohmic value rises and if it is monitored, that value can be trended in order to estimate how much time we have until battery replacement.

It is very rare for today’s battery monitoring systems on the market to measure AC ripple voltage. Essentially it can detect faulty chargers, i.e. the chargers that put out a lot of AC ripple across the batteries or they do not put out any.

Excessive AC ripple voltage can significantly increase batteries’ internal temperature and reduce its operating life. It can also initiate thermal runaway process and it is very important that it is measured and monitored over time.

CellSPY Wireless Battery Monitor also provides passive charge balancing (in conjunction with DC Bus Monitor)

Each battery has one CellSPY Wireless Battery Monitor attached to it. There are no wires except the ones that connect the positive and negative battery posts to the monitor. The monitor is powered directly from the monitored battery but it is such a low power consumer that it is practically ‘’invisible’’ to the battery.


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