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RAMTEK Partner.

OnLine Power

OnLine Power Incorporated is a privately owned company located in Los Angeles, CA. Since our beginnings in 1975, OnLine Power has become the largest manufacturer of medical power products and tap switching regulators and lighting inverters in the world.

In addition to medical power protection products, OnLine Power offers custom distribution systems, packaged power supplies, harsh environment UPS and regulator systems, monitoring systems, standard and battery-less UPS and the largest line of automatic voltage regulators available.


Power Pal
Three Phase 15-450 kVA
Power Conditioning
Phase Stabilizer
Three Phase Medical Power 15-2000 kVA
Power-Reg & Ultra-Reg
Three Phase 15-2000 kVA
Power Conditioning
Constant Power 18
Three Phase 15 -50 kVA
Power Conditioning
Mini-Power & Constant Power 3
Single Phase 1-15 kVA
Power Conditioning
140 - 2000 VA / 120 VAC
UPS Systems
Telecommunication Back-up System
750 and 1500 VA / 120 - 240 VAC
UPS Systems
Harsh Environment UPS
3 - 20 kVA / 120 - 277 VAC
UPS Systems
Power-Reg & Ultra-Reg
Three Phase 15 to 1,250 kVA
Phase Stabilizer
Three Phase 15 to 1250 kVA
Constant Power18
Three Phase 15 to 100 kVA
Constant Power6
Single Phase 3 to 15 kVA
Mini-Power & Constant Power3
Single Phase 1 to 3 kVA
Single Phase POWER WAVE
Emergency Central Lighting Inverter : 200 Watts - 17 kW
Emergency Lighting Inverters
Three Phase POWER WAVE
Emergency Central Lighting Inverter 8 kW - 400 kW
Emergency Lighting Inverters